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Our business philosophy is based on forthrightness and honesty in all commitments with our customers, business partners, and company personnel.

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IT Maintenance

Since our inception we have been engaged in the deployment of technology products, the performance of hardware maintenance and technical support. Our customers depend on us to keep their equipment and operations running smoothly. We provide a Single Point of Contact for Onsite Preventive and Remedial Maintenance, Depot Repair, OEM Contract Management and OEM Warranty Management. We have developed extensive supply chain capabilities and reach back to support any range of IT needs, including extending the life of End of Service systems the OEM will no longer support. We provide OEM and third party support for IBM, HP, Dell EMC, Cisco, NetApp, and many more.

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We have spent 30 years building supply chain partners and expertise to deliver, install and integrate everything to run IT systems in your datacenter. Data center flooring, fiber, cabling, rack enclosures, containment solutions, power solutions, servers, networking equipment, storage and more. Our more well known partnerships include Corning, Legrand, Great Lakes, Vertiv, Tripp Lite, Palo Alto, APC, Cisco, IBM, Dell EMC and HP to name just a few.

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As-A-Service, it's that simple. Improve your speed to deployment and increase operational excellence leveraging As-A-Service capabilities. As-A-Service solution empower your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives relieving them of the time consuming day to day operations of ensuring your IT infrastructure is up and running. Focus on your organization's mission and bring applications to production faster and more efficiently.

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We provide complete end to end RFID solutions addressing the need for greater asset control and visibility across the enterprise. RFID services include all related stages of assessment, feasibility, proof of concept, site surveys, deployment strategies, process analysis, installation, testing, asset tagging, production and on-going service and support. By deploying RFID, agencies significantly reduce the manual process of asset tracking and management while improving reporting, control and loss prevention.

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Storage and Backup

We believe that each business has different requirements, but in the server and storage arena, it comes down to performance, capacity and price. We can help you navigate the solutions available and provide relevant information based on your actual needs.

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We specialize in leveraging the secure public cloud to provide backup solutions for endpoint and enterprise information technology systems. These solutions provide points, servers and cloud data protection, governance and intelligence helping our customers increase the availability of systems while simplifying costs and easing the management and protection of data.

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Protecting your assets is critical in today's rapidly changing environment; threats are relentless and are constantly evolving. We are partnered with top security organizations such as Cisco and Palo Alto Systems to find the right solution to secure your valuable assets. We back these solutions with expertise in FISMA compliance, the development and maintenance of Security Assessment Packages (SAP), as well as ensuring security policy adherence through the management of daily security operations for POA&Ms, audits and scans.

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Asset Lifecycle Management

We can assist you in the management of your assets, at any phase of its life. We are very proficient and finding the best product for your solution. Asset services we can provide include warehouse logistics, integration, installation, deployment and secure recycling disposal.

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Storage and Backup

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